Sunday, January 17, 2016

First Post for 2016!!!

We finally bailed on the beach this morning so I'm sitting at home with the aircon going, practicing duck faces - because what else do you do with your free time? Plan a wedding? Ha!

But no, in all seriousness I've been testing the light around the house for the best place to set up my little studio - shooting outside is awesome but not always practical in weather like this. The lounge is winning right now, so we'll see if I find anywhere better - I doubt it though, the size of the lounge is just so easy to work in.

Now... off to find Chicken. That bloody kitten got the pip with me when I dragged him back into surburbia with me - he was quite happy climbing trees thank you very much. I just hope he hasn't decided to climb curtains instead. Argh.

Oh yeah, most of my updates have been on my Instagram! If you want to see what we've been upto in the last few weeks, check it out here; It's mostly photo's of amazing food and kittens - as all good Instagrams are.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I tried to sort our travel photo's... then I got distracted by this dork. 
They were so little and uncoordinated! Now two of the four have gone to their new homes!
I kind of miss my little fluff balls.

That day in Paris where we both had had enough...

Willy spat the dummy next to the Eiffel Tower.
But the light was pretty so I didn't delete...
...then I put it on the internet...
Sorry Babe.